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Hi, My name is Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Phúc. I’m now just 19 but I have lived through 2 millennium.

I’m a Vietnamese, a son, a brother, a friend, a student. I’m usually quiet, strange, boring but sometimes I also mad, extreme exicited or crazy angry.

My favorite things are: sport (espescially football and badminton), pop-music, game and computer.

I’m learning Computer Science at Hochiminh City University of Technology. I have interest in web and data analysis but I just begin to explore them.

Have fun and enjoy my blog.

It's me looking at what I already wrote while eating my Hutieu

Hello World!

August 9, 1999

First Step

August 20, 2005

Started exploring world of knowledge at Duc Hanh 2 primary school .               1+1=?                        5×8=?           

Change, Change

August 26, 2010

First experience  at my secondary school – Vo Dat


August 20, 2014

Begin my memorable experience at Hung Vuong high school

New journey

August 20, 2017

Started learning Computer Science at Hochiminh city University of Technology